Mixed Martial Arts Training for Fitness & Self-Defense

• Boxing • Muay Thai • Kickboxing • Grappling • Jiu-Jitsu • Submission Fighting • Filipino Stickfighting and Knifefighting • Street Self-defense

If you are turned off by the pressure of a commercial martial arts school…
If you have ever wanted to:

• learn to effectively protect yourself
• improve your fitness level
• reduce stress
• increase coordination and mental awareness

Then you are invited to participate in mixed martial arts classes located in Bellingham, Washington, near Western Washington University.

No experience necessary.
Open to participants of all interest levels & abilities.
Doors open at 6pm.
Call for appointment & directions.

We are the only non-commercial Mixed Martial Arts School in Whatcom County solely for teens & adults.

( Certified CrossFit™ Kettlebell Instructor ) – ( Certified TRX® instructor )