Ground-fighting (also known as grappling) is the final range in hand-to-hand combat.

Ground-fighting employs wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission fighting and restraint tactics. When it comes to self-defense, falling or getting taken down to the ground is a possibility. Knowing how to fight back intelligently from the ground is critical in solving this type of predicament.

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At UMA we practice the sport aspect of mixed martial arts while devoting time to acknowledge and test the reality-based side of street self-defense.

What this means is we safely train with our partners in a game-like manner. We also practice the flipside of that, which is a no-rules engagement where we have to protect ourselves by using all the moves that are outlawed in a competitive environment.

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For our development we constantly practice in three modes:

1) Consent
2) Contest
3) Compete

First, the techniques are learned consensually. Then we add resistance and gradually challenge the effectiveness of the technique by fighting back. Finally, we spar and learn to execute moves in a live, dynamic encounter.

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Rob Eis is a certified teacher of Shamrock Submission Fighting (SSF).

This is a modern martial arts style created by Frank Juarez Shamrock, multiple UFC world titleholder and world record holder in professional mixed martial arts.

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Shamrock Submission Fighting (SSF) represents the culmination of a ten-year study in professional combative martial arts and martial theory. The concepts and theories of SSF are simple and work with our bodies’ own natural movement and physiology. The games are revolutionary training techniques that work with all ages and skill levels. SSF combines an athletic and holistic class structure that develops every area of our being. This unique teaching system ensures consistent growth throughout our martial art studies. One of the keys to teaching this system is using proven methods to identify our fears and allow us to accomplish practical martial training for success and longevity.

Dojo 1 - small Inside 3 - small

Our facility has 35 ft. x 50 ft. of mat space for grappling.

The grappling class is only on Wednesday nights. Therefore, there are only 4 or 5 classes per month. As such, lessons are introduced incrementally over 1-month periods, each week building on the last. NOTE: if you are joining later in the month class pace will be more accelerated compared to the beginning of the month.

You are welcome to train gi or no gi. If you don’t own a gi yet, some uniforms are available to borrow.

Class requirements:

Wear comfortable, sturdy clothing: nothing with holes or that will tear easily.

Wrestling shoes or barefeet are required on the mats.

Male students must have and use a groin protector.

Any other protective equipment is optional, such as knee pads, headgear, grappling gloves and mouthguards. A mouthguard can be purchased from the instructor for $1.



I have been training at UMA for about four months now and it has become very important part of my weekly routine. The first thing that struck me about UMA is the low cost. Being a college student I am unable to afford the high prices and contracts that are required at other schools. At thirty dollars a month there is not much to lose when you enroll in the class. When I began attending UMA I found that the program and the instruction far exceeded my expectations. Rob is a very competent instructor in everything he teaches his students. Rob is proficient in boxing, kickboxing, grappling as well as stick and knife fighting. After the short time I have trained at UMA I have found myself stronger, quicker, more flexible and more self-confident. My technique in the arts taught at UMA has greatly improved as well.
Rob has designed a program that uses the most effective techniques in a very pragmatically structured atmosphere. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to increase their self defense abilities or if you would just like to get a good workout that is also fun, rather than the monotony of running on a treadmill. The only thing I would like to see happen is an increase in class time; I would gladly pay more money to train at UMA for additional days or hours.

~ Kyle Koger, WWU Student

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