WWU Credited Kickboxing Class – Summer Quarter

UMA instructor Rob Eis teaches the “Beginning Kickboxing” class at Western Washington University.

This is a 1-credit course that meets twice a week.
Tuesday/Thursday from 10:00-11:20am at the Wade King Recreation Center in room #222.


About the Subject:

Kickboxing historically developed from the arts of Karate, Muay Thai, and Western Boxing. It is practiced for self-defense, general fitness, and as a contact sport. Kickboxing involves striking with hands and feet and is an element of Mixed Martial Arts, an activity that has become increasingly popular among young adults ages 18-24, both male and female.

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Course Description:

Through the martial art of Kickboxing, WWU students will learn fundamental offensive and defensive movements that readily lend themselves to self-protection and self-perfection. Students will experience creative, interactive drills through cooperative training with a classmate. Practice will increase coordination, mental awareness, cardiovascular conditioning, upper body and lower body strengthening, as well as provide an outlet for stress relief. This is not an aerobics class, however it is a powerful workout.

About the Instructor:

The course instructor, Rob Eis, has more than 36 years of experience in martial arts and has taught for more than 26 years. During that time, he competed in the USA National Karate Federation, which is the governing body for sport Karate sanctioned by the U.S. Olympic Committee. At age 15 he competed at the Pan American Games on the U.S. Junior National Team. As an adult, he served as a certified state judge and referee for the USANKF.

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Eis has traveled to Thailand twice and trained at a Muay Thai camp learning authentic Thai Boxing. He also studied Western Boxing in the 1990s at James Ferguson’s White Cobra Boxing Association in Bellingham.

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In 2003 Eis became the owner and head instructor of the only non-commercial, community-based MMA School in Whatcom County that caters solely to teens and adults. Beginning in 2013 Eis began teaching a Self-Defense Fitness class for faculty and staff at Western Washington University. He was then chosen to conduct several free assault prevention workshops for all faculty and staff. In 2013, he was contracted by Resident Advisers to teach assault prevention techniques during an open house for student residents at Birnam Wood, Buchanan Towers, and Fairhaven Commons.

Eis worked with a diverse population of at-risk youth as a former corrections officer and courtroom transporter for Whatcom County’s Juvenile Detention Center. For the probation and corrections department he became a state-certified Defensive Tactics Instructor by completing the level 1 and level 2 instructors course at the Criminal Justice Training Commission in Burien.



I had taken a basic self-defense class a few years before coming to Unbridled, and had always wanted to learn more. My friend wanted to try it too so we started training together, which was great because we could partner together for drills and be at the same knowledge level.
I am a very visual learner, and Rob’s teaching style works very well for me. At the start of each training there is some cardio and strength warm-up, which can be challenging, but you can always go at your own pace until you adjust to the routine. Rob explains new skills to the group and then often demonstrates them before having students try them out. Each lesson builds logically on past material. As a new student you get a lot of one-on-one teaching to help you master the basics first before you get thrown into drills.
The atmosphere at Unbridled is serious, but more casual and fun than the regimented environment at traditional martial arts studios might be. Rob is always happy to answer questions that come up during training or help if you can’t quite get a skill, as are students who have been around for a while. I joined wanting to build the skills to defend myself and those around me (I swear by being prepared for anything!) and in just a couple of months I felt much closer to that goal. Training is physically challenging and will make you stronger and more fit as well. Unbridled Martial Arts is an AMAZING value, if you’re on the fence about trying it, do it!

~ Hanifah McGovern, Executive Assistant

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