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UMA Barrage Montage

A quick montage of training at UMA. To view all of UMA’s videos, check out our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.


Getting in shape has been a battle for me most of my life. I have gone through spurts of regular jogging, lifting, and trying to eat healthier, but it always seemed to taper off at some point, due to an illness or some other stress in my life, and I found myself back at square one, back in my old eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. After a few weeks of class at UMA, I noticed that not only did I feel healthier and in better shape, I was actually looking forward to going to class and working out. Learning about self-defense has made getting in shape a secondary outcome, and my newfound optimism about working out doesn’t come from looking healthier, but from the fact that I know I’m developing toughness, mental discipline, and valuable skills.

~ Noel Abbott, Web Developer

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