Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Quarter: Free Women’s Self-defense Workshop

Date: To Be Determined Between October and December.

Time: Monday or Friday • between 6:00 pm & 9:00 pm
or Saturday/Sunday • morning or afternoon

Location: Unbridled Martial Arts studio.


Each quarter, UMA conducts a free self-defense course for the community.  We will schedule a date based on a consensus of when participants want to have it. Would you and five other friends like to brush up on your self-defense skills? Notify us and we will find a date that works for everyone. Club membership is not required.  Instructor Rob Eis’ assault prevention program is a 75 to 90-min workshop designed exclusively for the needs of women. All equipment is provided.

For serious inquiries only.

Although this is a free event, due to past absenteeism there is now a $10 reservation deposit via Paypal that will be refunded after attending the workshop.

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Being a competitive woman bodybuilder, I spend a great deal of time in the gym working on various types of equipment. However, this class has been by far the best workout I have had for quite some time. In the past I have done a lot of cardio training in the gym on the standard equipment…boring!! This class has given me a fun way to work on my cardio training, kept me challenged, increased my flexibility and range of motion, given me a way to release stress and most important to me, a way to work off those extra pounds prior to a competition. Additionally, I have found the class to be very informal and comfortable to attend with many great people there to share information. Not to mention, Rob is a fantastic teacher who, unlike many, enjoys teaching as much as the students enjoy learning.

~ Jennifer Valadez, Olympic Health Management

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