Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring Quarter: Free Women’s Self-defense Workshop

Date: To Be Determined Between July and September.

Time: Monday or Friday • between 6:00 pm & 9:00 pm
or Saturday/Sunday • morning or afternoon

Location: Unbridled Martial Arts studio.


Each quarter, UMA conducts a free self-defense course for the community.  We will schedule a date based on a consensus of when participants want to have it. Would you and five other friends like to brush up on your self-defense skills? Notify us and we will find a date that works for everyone. Club membership is not required.  Instructor Rob Eis’ assault prevention program is a 75 to 90-min workshop designed exclusively for the needs of women. All equipment is provided.

For serious inquiries only.

Although this is a free event, due to past absenteeism there is now a $10 reservation deposit via Paypal that will be refunded after attending the workshop.

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I love the martial arts. I previously trained at two different schools in the area, learning various styles and traditions. However, the cost and contracts of both of those other schools eventually became a burden that I did not want to bear. So I resigned myself to the thought that I would not get to pursue my love for martial arts until I became rich … that is, until I discovered Unbridled Martial Arts. Initially I was attracted to Unbridled mainly because of the low cost and lack of contract. However, from my initial class with Rob Eis and thereafter, I found several other things about Unbridled that I greatly appreciated. First of all, Rob is a talented martial artist himself and displays strong abilities with a humble attitude. He is also a good communicator and is able to guide his students well on the path to becoming better martial artists themselves. The class setting is informal and friendly. I get a great workout and learn something new every time I go. There are no stuffy uniforms or traditions to worry about (and if you’re into martial arts merely to claim that black belt, you’re in it for the wrong reasons). Rob presents techniques from a variety of martial arts, a nice change from the attitude in many schools that their form is the best — not to mention that it makes classes interesting because you never know quite what to expect next. In short, I would recommend Unbridled Martial Arts to anyone who wants to learn self-defense, get a good workout, meet friendly people, and not cut deeply into their budget to do so!

~ Paul Peterson, Graphic Designer

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