Scholarship Program

Every academic year UMA awards 8 scholarships to college students. One male college student and one female college each quarter is selected for 3 months of free training beginning at the start of each school quarter.

Requirements are:

  • You must be 18 years old or above
  • You have not been a UMA student before
  • You must be available to train a minimum of twice a week
  • You must have a class load of 12 credits or more


Revocation of a scholarship will occur:

  • If class load drops below 12 credits or drops out
  • If a student’s attendance drops below two weeknight classes.
    Exceptions can be made only with a doctor’s note.

To apply, email

  • Proof of academic enrollment
  • 2 – 3 page personal statement

Fall Quarter – Application due Sept 10, 2016 and scholarships will be awarded Sept 17, 2016.

Winter Quarter – Application due Dec 10, 2016 and scholarships will be awarded Dec 17, 2016.

Spring Quarter – Application due Mar 18, 2017 and scholarships will be awarded Mar 25, 2017.

Summer Quarter – Application due June 10, 2017 and scholarships will be awarded June 17, 2017.

Scholarship entitles the recipient to train at UMA and all gear will be provided for three full months. Gloves, Mouth guard, Stick fighting gear. Male students must have their have their own groin protectors.


The instructor gives a great workout with a good variety of different moves that would be helpful in different situations. Rob is professional and courteous with everyone and goes the extra distance to make everyone feel welcome. I also feel he does his best to present different levels of work for the various skill levels as they appear.

~ Willow Lantzy, Accountant

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