Rob Eis earned his CrossFit Kettlebell certification

Rob Eis earned his CrossFit kettlebell instructor’s certification directly from Jeff Martone in 2008 when he visited the Suquamish tribal police department for a two day in-depth instructor’s course.


Martone is the first to implement kettlebell and tactical strength training into a federal law enforcement academy.  He has also served for over 15 years as a full-time defensive tactics, firearms, and special response team instructor for the Nuclear National Security Administration.

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Jeff Martone is the founder of Tactical Athlete Training Systems, Inc.

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I’ve seen lots of Youtube videos of people doing the Turkish Get-up from standing-to-ground with their propped arm back behind them. That’s how I did it when i first learned. For better alignment try the version demonstrated in the video above.
Full credit goes to Jeff Martone for showing me this alteration to the TGU.


Visit the UMA Combat Conditioning page to see how you can study with Rob and experience kettlebell training for yourself.


The fact that the instructor does not ritualize the program with traditions was a factor in my trying the class. I respect the teacher’s unbelievable desire to share his skill and knowledge for reasons other than any notable financial gain. I have always wanted to learn some type of martial arts but I never pursued it for one reason or anther. With Rob’s class there are no excuses. To say it’s affordable is an understatement. The environment is structured yet very casual. But what impressed me most is how unintimidating the whole experience is & how much Rob gives of himself to the class. After a couple classes, the biggest surprise was how little focus I had when it came to using the brain and body at the same time. I have attended the class for one month now and I can see a definite improvement. The class emphasizes what would be the most logical and effective action in a self-defense scenario. After attending for one month I can think of nothing negative to say about the whole experience. I look forward to every session and (surprisingly) leave class feeling more energized than when I arrived. The class offers a chance for you to try martial arts (self-defense) with little commitment… it sounds too good to be true, HOWEVER this guy (class) is for real.

~ Derek Siemens, Student

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