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UMA Barrage Montage

A quick montage of training at UMA. To view all of UMA’s videos, check out our YouTube channel and our Facebook page.

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Celebrating 35th Anniversary in Martial Arts

I began martial arts in October 1981. To celebrate my 35 years in martial arts, on the 1st class of October I gave all my students in attendance their money back and announced they will train for free the entire month. A way of saying thanks to everyone for the years of support and dedication.  […]

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UMA Timelapse Kettlebell & TRX Class

Curious to see what a Kettlebell & TRX workout at Unbridled Martial Arts is like from start to finish? Now you can watch one of our sessions in under 5 minutes.

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Women’s Self Defense Workshop Video

We host one free women’s self-defense seminar every 3 months. To reserve your spot for the next one, visit the “Women’s self-defense workshop” page.

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Jiu-Jitsu For Sport Practice & For Street Self-Defense

When breaking the guard or holding guard, here are a few moves for street application that you can easily add to you Jiu-jitsu gameplay.

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Tuesday Night at UMA

Students at work at Unbridled Martial Arts in Bellingham, WA.

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Damsel in Defense: Stun Gun & Pepper Spray Independent Product Review

This is not an instructional on How to use a Stun Gun or Pepper Spray. It is a video to show two top-selling products and discuss how well they work and the Pros and Cons of their usage. I purchased these items myself and this is an independent review.

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What Gear Do You Need to get Started at UMA?

To begin at UMA you need to have hand protection — either 16 or 20 ounce boxing gloves or inexpensive cloth hand wraps. When sparring and grappling, males must use a groin protector! To free-spar: mouth guard.The rest of the gear is optional if you want to participate in the weapons class and/or advanced sparring. […]

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TRX For Combat Conditioning

TRX is an excellent resistance training tool that uses bodyweight. It is employed by the US Military for combat conditioning.

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