The Average…

How long does it take the average school to give out a black belt? In America average schools give out black belts all the time. What does a black belt mean? Is the wearer an expert in the field of martial arts? That sounds like it’s based purely on a person’s physical skills. Can people […]

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Membership outlined in this video seem manipulative?

Is it just me or does the membership outlined in this video seem highly manipulative? I’m so appreciative I grew up taking karate in Bellingham when I did and not nowadays!  Not that at elementary-school-age I was overly involved in what my parents paid for my lessons, what I did know is there wasn’t any […]

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Idea for MMA event free to the public

What really educates the community about martial arts? Do you think it is mixed martial arts cage fights? Are members of the general public coming to these events to learn more about the sport? At the price of admission, probably not as much as you’d think. Look around at a local MMA event. I expect […]

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Fake Testimonials & Recycled Martial Arts Websites

As a consumer in martial arts education is it obvious when a school has imagery that misrepresents who is training there and what they personally get out of it? For example, how do all these different schools from across the United States all have the same people testifying how great their individual experience has been? […]

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When your product is the shit, you don’t need to market it. When your product is shit, you do need to market it.

The less people want your product, the more you need the tactics, sales, and marketing. Sukiyabashi Jiro is a three-Michelin-starred Japanese sushi restaurant in Tokyo where diners must place reservations a minimum of 2-months in advance.  A plate of sushi costs $300.  Its success is not in the novelty of its meal being so expensive.  Its recognition […]

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Performance Physical Therapy

Topic: Rehabilitating an injury. I can’t give Bellingham Performance Physical Therapy my business anymore. Over the last 20 years I have seen them a handful of times to treat various sports injuries. On the billing statement for my last few sessions, I was surprised to see how much more they were charging compared to their […]

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Why don’t I teach teenagers under 16 years old?

As I’ve always said, once a teen is deemed trustworthy by the state to legally drive then I will trust them with lethal techniques. “Softening” a curriculum to include children is irresponsible just as it is irresponsible to teach them hardcore street-effective fighting without knowing them personally and knowing their history.   When I worked […]

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Best weeding-out procedure ever!

Enrollment & visiting is by appointment only.   As the owner of Unbridled Martial Arts, for the first 8 years I was completely open to spectators showing up anytime during a class unannounced to watch or ask questions. In 2010 I changed my attitude about this, and I began welcoming visitors by appointments: email or phone […]

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Unbridled Martial Arts Workout Music Compilation

Members of Unbridled Martial Arts have access to ready-made music compilations containing an assortment of songs to workout to, including many local band favorites! The UMA Workout CDs are an ongoing series available to all active members for a nominal fee of $3 to cover production costs. What began as a small project to compile […]

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Seth MacDonald picks up gear after the mixed martial arts class.

“What gear do I need when I start at Unbridled Martial Arts?”

To begin at UMA you need to have hand protection — either 16 or 20 ounce boxing gloves or inexpensive cloth hand wraps.When sparring and grappling, males must use a groin protector! When sparring and grappling, males must use a groin protector! To free-spar, you will need a mouth guard. The rest of the gear […]

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