Winter Quarter: Free Women’s Self-defense Workshop

Date: February 5, 2018

Time: Monday 7:00pm – 8:15pm

Location: Unbridled Martial Arts studio.


Each quarter, UMA conducts a free self-defense course for the community.
Would you, a friend, or family member like to brush up on your self-defense skills? Join us for this special event. Club membership is not required.
Instructor Rob Eis’ assault prevention program is a 75 to 90-min workshop designed exclusively for the needs of women. All equipment is provided.

For serious inquiries only.

Although this is a free event, due to past absenteeism there is a $10 reservation deposit via Paypal that will be refunded after attending the workshop.

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Before I went to Rob’s classes I was doing Shito-Ryu (karate) for about 8 years. It was a very formal class and not much fun. I joined Rob’s class because I knew him and wanted to try something different. Rob’s classes help you out in a lot of real life situations. They are fun and Rob’s school has a more relaxed environment. The things that I like best is the mat work that teaches you submissions and how to take someone to the ground. All of the instructions that Rob gives in class are very clear and easy to do. The classes don’t go too fast so you are able to keep up with everyone else and not get confused. The classes aren’t formal like a lot of other places that make you wear a uniform, bow or have a certain rank in the class. After each class you feel like you have just had a good workout so you’re not too tired to do other things (compared to) when other places leave you extremely worn out. Overall Rob’s classes are fun, useful, and not confusing.

~ Aaron Wilkerson, High School Student

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